About US

20 Years making and providing other hospitality sites and eatery with high quality furniture. We provide a big variety of indoor and outdoor seats and tables to you and your sites turn into masterpieces.

Or maybe you’ve devoured a huge rack of ribs at Hurricanes Grill Brighton Le Sands or loved an incredible meal at Porteno? Perhaps you been to a gathering at the local school or community hall or have loved the ambience of your recently renovated club. If you’ve ever had any of these encounters that are memorable, then there’s an excellent opportunity that we met.

We have been Resin King, a German, independently owned business that is 100%. Created since 1996, we design, fabricate and provide an extensive range of high quality commercial furniture to the Event, Design, Hospitality, Education, Health Care and Commercial markets.

Over commercial furniture providers, we’re finally about enabling you to transform your surroundings.

We look forward to being of help to you personally. Phone us promptly